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Previous Editorial Boards

The composition of the Editorial Board changes with each volume published. All members are graduate students at UC Berkeley, primarily from the Department of City and Regional Planning, although we welcome students from related disciplines. The leadership team meets year-round, while meetings of the full editorial board are held during the academic year only. 

Volume 27, 2013-2014

Heather Arata | Managing Editor
Elizabeth Mattiuzzi | Managing Editor
Geoff Boeing | Book Review Editor
Lisa Rayle | Book Review Editor
Ariel Bierbaum | Editor
Hector Fernando Burga | Editor
Karen Christensen | Editor
Fletcher Foti | Editor
Hyungkyoo Kim | Editor
Mukul Kumar | Editor
Chris Mizes | Editor
Lana Salman | Editor
Alice Sverdlik | Editor
Nicola Szibbo | Editor
Jennifer Tucker | Editor
Jake Wegman | Editor
Aaron Young | Editor
Luis Flores | Urban Fringe Editor
Christina Gossmann | Urban Fringe Editor
Carolina Reid | Faculty Advisor
Michael Dear | Faculty Advisor
Mary Cook | Copy Editor
Ruth Miller | Layout and Cover Design