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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Policies for Submissions

Copyright Information

Rights to Authors: Authors are the initial owners of the copyrights to their works, unless the authors, as a condition of employment, have agreed to transfer copyright to their employer. However, authors grant to the journal the right to make available such content, in any format, in perpetuity. Authors may reproduce, in other contexts, content to which they possess the copyright, although in any subsequent publications the Berkeley Planning Journal should be acknowledged as the original publisher.

Rights of the Berkeley Planning Journal: We are an open access journal. We retain the non-exclusive right to make content available in any format in perpetuity. While authors may reproduce their work in other contexts, content published in the journal will not be removed from the website even if later published elsewhere. Authors must agree to the terms of publishing in the journal listed in the author agreement.

Rights to eScholarship and the California Digital

Peer Review Process

We use a double-blind review process. Students, faculty and experts reviewing articles for the Berkeley Planning Journal are concerned with originality, clarity, and quality of the material. Each article is reviewed by two reviewers, without knowledge of the author’s identity. Comments and suggestions are conveyed to the author, but the reviewers’ identities remain confidential. To be published, a submission must receive two positive reviews, and the author must revise the work to address the comments and questions raised in the reviews.