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Submission Guidelines

We created our journal to increase awareness of the work done by Gender and Women’s Studies and LGBT Studies undergraduates. However, we welcome submissions from all disciplines. Both upper and lower division work will be considered. Authors must be current undergraduates at UC Berkeley, or recent graduates. Submissions must be research papers that properly and consistently use a citation style (MLA, APA, Chicago etc.). Submissions must be between 5-15 pages, with the exception of senior theses.

Successful submissions will deal seriously with gender, have a creative and well-supported argument and demonstrate an intersectional approach (aka, taking into account how a given topic is shaped by multiple and intersecting factors). Please direct any questions about submission guidelines to with the subject “Submission Guidelines Question.”

How to Submit:

Please submit only one paper per deadline. Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis after the deadline, and considered for the second issue. Please e-mail submissions to with the subject “Submission.” We will send you a confirmation e-mail to let you know your documents have been received. You must attach the following two documents in order to successfully submit your work:

Document #1

Attach one document with the title “First Initial_Last Name_SubmissionForm” For example: “b_hooks_SubmissionForm” In this document include the following:

  • date submitted:
  • author’s name:
  • author’s e-mail:
  • author’s phone number (if you prefer to be contacted by phone):
  • author’s current class standing:
  • author’s major:
  • title of paper:
  • course title, semester, year, and professor the paper was written for:

Document #2

Please attach your submission in a SEPARATE document with the title “GWSJ_Title of paper” For example: “GWSJ_Orientalism and Feminism” If the title of your paper is too long, please use the first few words of the title. Do not include your name, e-mail address or other forms of identification anywhere on this document. Put the title of the paper (exactly as you wrote it in the submission form) at the top. Make sure to include page numbers. Your submission must be 5-15 pages (senior theses may be longer), 12 point font, Times or Times New Roman.

Please direct any questions about submission guidelines to with the subject “Submission Guidelines Question.”

We look forward to reading your work!