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Room One Thousand

Room One Thousand bannerUC Berkeley


Founded in 2012, Room One Thousand is an annual interdisciplinary journal focused on the study of architecture. While based in the College of Environmental Design at Berkeley, the journal seeks a more open and eclectic approach to research and discussion. As such, the journal’s editorial team is comprised of graduate students from different disciplines. These have included: architecture, rhetoric, history and art practice. An advisory board of faculty and professionals works with the graduate team in order to ensure a high quality of material.

Recognizing that there are multiple ways in which the topic of the built environment can be considered, Room One Thousand seeks to produce works that are specific, in-depth, and still germane to a broader audience. Each submission is therefore peer reviewed and assessed according to the specific contribution it makes to its field, while also considered within the broader discourse of architecture history, theory, and practice.

Room One Thousand also seeks to be a forum for community around the study and practice of architecture. The journal therefore hosts public lectures, exhibitions, and community discussions. Records of these and other works of the journal can be found on our website: