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Previous Editorial Board, Volume 4, Issue 2

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David Chou

David is a junior majoring in Classical Languages.

Hannah Lee

Hannah Lee is a Classical Languages and History major. Besides Greek and Latin, she has dreams of learning many more languages ranging from Modern Greek to Chinese and Arabic. She also has a hobby of borrowing or buying copious amounts of books, fully intending to read them, but often not getting around to it. This is something akin to the Japanese word tsundoku (buying books and letting them pile up unread).

Karen MacLaughlin

Karen graduates From U.C. Berkeley this spring with a B.A. in Classical Languages and plans to read for the MLitt from St. Andrews University. She would like to thank everyone who contributed to and worked on the journal this past year. Ave et vale!

Marvin Morris

This is Marvin's fifth and final year as a Classical Civilizations major. He is currently working on an honors thesis, “First in Flight:  a Comprehensive Study of Etruscan Winged ‘Demons’.” Through the generous support of the Haas Scholars fellowship, he spent two months working in Greece and in Italy last summer. His interests include Etruscan and Roman archaeology and art history. After graduation in the spring, Marvin intends to pursue his love of all things Etruscan into graduate and PhD study.

Lila Murphy

Lila is a third year Classics and Biology double major at UC Berkeley. She loves all things related to the ancient world, as well as studying various forms of literature and artistic expression. This is her first time reading for the BUJC, and she is very excited to be a part of the team!

Antara Rao

Antara is a fourth year Classical Civilizations and Molecular & Cell Biology major at the University of California, Berkeley. Since her childhood, she has constantly indulged an obsession with Western mythology, a relationship which culminated in struggling through ancient Greek and digging up ancient Mycenaean graves. Apart from reading historical papers and fiction, she grows neurons in a stem cell lab, shoots (arrows and photos), and hunts for marvelous desserts around Berkeley.