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Meet the Editors - Descriptions of Current Editors, Link to Past Editors


LILLIAN MORGENTHALER is a senior from Menlo Park, California majoring in history and classical civilizations. She is especially interested in Roman social history, particularly the rise of Christianity and the institution of Roman marriage. Outside of class, Lilly works as a writing tutor at the Student Learning Center and enjoys reading fantasy novels and watching historical dramas.


OWEN SHEARD is a senior from East Brunswick, New Jersey majoring in classical civilizations and English. His interests include Bronze Age archaeology, Greek tragedy, and Scythology. Owen has been a research apprentice for Dr. Kim Shelton at the Nemea Center and has spent the last year writing original tragedies taking from Greek form and mythology under the mentoring of Dr. Mario Telò. Out of the classroom, he loves to read historical and science fiction and to go hiking.


YASHILA BORDAG is a 2021 graduate from Dublin, California who double majored in data science and classical civilizations. She has a special interest in Bronze Age archaeology and digital humanities. Outside of coursework and the journal before she graduated, Yashila was a research apprentice for Professor Kim Shelton at the Nemea Center, and apprenticed with Professor Niek Veldhuis and Dr. Adam Anderson in the Sumerian Networks Project, and was a part of the Data 100 course staff. For fun, she loves bullet journaling, reading, and free writing.

PHEE MARCIAL is a senior from the Washington, D.C. area majoring in classical languages. Their interests include Roman and Greek lyric poetry, particularly that of Catullus and Sappho, and the history and mechanisms of translation. They are currently pursuing research on gender expression and translation in Catullus as a SURF 2021 fellow. In their free time, they enjoy painting and making noodles from scratch.

WILLIAM SIEVING is a senior from Sacramento, California studying classical languages and history. His interests include Hellenistic lyric poetry and genre in the Second Sophistic. During quiet moments, he enjoys reading and baking.

SHANNON WHITE is a junior from La Habra Heights, California majoring in classical languages. They are particularly interested in Bronze Age history and archaic Greek poetry. Outside of their studies, Shannon works as a research apprentice for Professor Kim Shelton and as an editor for the Oral History Center in Bancroft Library. They enjoy collecting houseplants and playing electric bass.