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Generalized B-spline subdivision-surface wavelets for geometry compression

We present a new construction of lifted biorthogonal wavelets on surfaces of arbitrary two-manifold topology for compression and multiresolution representation. Our method combines three approaches:subdivision surfaces of arbitrary topology, B-spline wavelets, and the lifting scheme for biorthogonal wavelet construction. The simple building blocks of our wavelet transform are local lifting operations performed on polygonal meshes with subdivision hierachy. Starting with a coarse, irregular polyhedral base mesh, our transform creates a subdivision hierarchy of meshes converging to a smooth limit surface. At every subdivision level, geometric detail can be expanded from wavelet coefficients and added to the surface. We present wavelet constuctions for bilinear, bicubic, and biquintic B-Spline subdivision. While the bilinear and bicubic constructions perform well in numerical experiments, the biquintic construction turns out to be unstable. For lossless compression, our transform can be computed in integer arithmetic, mapping integer coordinates of control points to integer wavelet coefficients. Our approach provides a highly efficient and progessive representation for complex geometries of arbitrary topology.

Fully-Automated White Matter Hyperintensity Detection With Anatomical Prior Knowledge and Without FLAIR

This paper presents a method for detection of cerebral white matter hyperintensities (WMH) based on run-time PD-, T1-, and T2-weighted structural magnetic resonance (MR) images of the brain along with labeled training examples. Unlike most prior approaches, the method is able to reliably detect WMHs in elderly brains in the absence of fluid-attenuated (FLAIR) images. Its success is due to the learning of probabilistic models of WMH spatial distribution and neighborhood dependencies from ground-truth examples of FLAIR-based WMH detections. These models are combined with a probabilistic model of the PD, T1, and T2 intensities of WMHs in a Markov Random Field (MRF) framework that provides the machinery for inferring the positions of WMHs in novel test images. The method is shown to accurately detect WMHs in a set of 114 elderly subjects from an academic dementia clinic. Experiments show that standard off-the-shelf MRF training and inference methods provide robust results, and that increasing the complexity of neighborhood dependency models does not necessarily help performance. The method is also shown to perform well when training and test data are drawn from distinct scanners and subject pools.

3D Video Recorder

We present the 3D Video Recorder, a system capable of recording, processing, and playing three-dimensional video from multiple points of view. We first record 2D video streams from several synchronized digital video cameras and store pre-processed images to disk. An off-line processing stage converts these images into a time-varying three-dimensional hierarchical point-based data structure and stores this 3D video to disk. We show how we can trade-off 3D video quality with processing performance and devise efficient compression and coding schemes for our novel 3D video representation. A typical sequence is encoded at less than 7 megabit per second at a frame rate of 8.5 frames per second. The 3D video player decodes and renders 3D videos from hard-disk in real-time, providing interaction features known from common video cassette recorders, like variable-speed forward and reverse, and slow motion. 3D video playback can be enhanced with novel 3D video effects such as freeze-and-rotate and arbitrary scaling. The player builds upon point-based rendering techniques and is thus capable of rendering high-quality images in real-time. Finally, we demonstrate the 3D Video Recorder on multiple real-life video sequences.

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