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Evidence, Information, and Knowledge: Key Contributors to Organizational Resilience


The cross-disciplinary field of resilience engineering has been at the forefront of designing robust, flexible processes to embed this construct into daily practice in a variety of environments. This co-presented session will explore the role of the information, evidence, and knowledge (EIK) necessary to support organizational resilience and to design preemptive responses to expected types of failure and generate learning. Organizations must be able to incorporate the three elements (EIK) as different components of a fully informed organization. By recognizing the skills needed to optimize the use of EIK and strategize programs and initiatives to support a culture that values EIK use as a core element in the quest for organizational resilience, organizations can bolster their reliability. The speakers will discuss how EIK can help their teams respond to and recover from unanticipated events, to quickly bounce back to normal operations, and to design systems to learn from and prevent similar surprises in the future. This session will focus on topics relevant to academic health care, patient safety and engineering.

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Libraries After COVID-19: A Learning Conversation


This session will be an active discussion session where all participants will be able to share and learn from one another. The faciliatator will guide participants through various interactive exercises to explore topics such as:

What was difficult during and after COVID-19 and did you find any unexpected solutions?

What actually turned out as a positive outcome that you might not have explored if it wasn’t for the pandemic?

If you faced another crisis in the next 5 years, what did you learn from COVID-19 that you would like to make sure you remember next time around?

Were there new things you tried during the pandemic that worked so well that you will keep doing them in the future? What needs to be done to make it happen?

Themes discussed will be captured so that participants will have a synthesis of themes arising from the discussion.

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