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About UCLA Department of Radiation Oncology

UCLA is rated the No. 5 health system in the United States, and the No. 1 hospital in Los Angeles and California, by U.S. News & World Report. In addition, UCLA’s Cancer Care program is rated No. 5 in the United States. As part of the cancer care team, UCLA Radiation Oncology is among the top departments in the nation and is ranked No. 4 in grant research funding among Radiation Oncology Departments nationwide.

At UCLA Radiation Oncology, we have reinvented the model of cancer patient care to be a 360-degree approach that revolves around patients and their families. In this process we actively shepherd patients through the complexities of cancer care, coordinating each patient’s care. In addition, to ensure safety, our team embraces a no-errors, quality-matters culture.

Radiation Oncology utilizes state-of-the-art devices to deliver precisely shaped and accurately delivered treatment beams to eradicate cancer. Our field has seen unprecedented technological advances in the last decade that have improved cure rates and dramatically reduced treatment-related side effects.

The legacy of UCLA’s Department of Radiation Oncology and its Division of Molecular and Cellular Oncology are their contributions to the foundations of normal tissue and immunologic radiobiology.

These discoveries form the basis for understanding how normal tissue in the body responds to radiation treatment and how the radiation treatment itself stimulates the patient’s immune system to recognize cancer, eradicate it and build ongoing anti-tumor immunity.