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The Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment is the leading law school center focused on climate change and other critical environmental issues. The Institute works across disciplines to develop and promote research and policy tools useful to decision makers locally, statewide, nationally and beyond. Our Institute serves as a premier source of environmental legal scholarship, nonpartisan expertise, policy analysis, and training.

The Emmett Institute houses UCLA Law’s leading environmental programs, including the Frank G. Wells Environmental Law Clinic, a vital training ground for environmental lawyering. The Institute also works hand in hand with the UCLA Sustainable Technology & Policy Program, a collaboration between UCLA Law and the UCLA School of Public Health.

To see what the Emmett Institute is working on, you can visit Legal Planet, the blog run by UCLA and Berkeley environmental law scholars, where Institute faculty frequently blog on topics related to their current research and interests.  Or contact our co-Executive Directors Sean Hecht ( or Cara Horowitz (    

For information about our Pritzker Brief series, please contact Cara Horowitz of the Emmett Institute at