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The UCLA Journal of Gender & Law (formerly the UCLA Women's Law Journal), established in 1989, is dedicated to the critical analysis of gender as it is structured and reinforced by the law and legal institutions. Integral to this mission is the promotion of scholarship that attends to the ways that race, class, ability, sexuality, nationality, religion, and other forms of marginalization constitute and intersect with gender as a lived and legal reality. We strive to incorporate critiques of the law as a tool of oppression, as well as solutions for collective liberation that operate within and beyond the law.

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Table of Contents


Abolishing Anonymity: A Rights-Based Approach to Evaluating Anonymous Sperm Donation

As other countries increasingly move toward abolishing anonymity in gamete donation, the United States shows no indication that it will follow suit.  It is time that we reevaluate whether shielding sperm donor's identities is an ethically defensible practice.  This paper argues that, in fact, it is not an ethically defensible practice and therefore should be banned by law.

Women and Girls' Experiences Before, During, and After Incarceration: A Narrative of Gender-based Violence, and an Analysis of the Criminal Justice Laws and Policies that Perpetuate this Narrative

Women and girls involved with the United State’s criminal justice system experience rates of gender based violence before, during and after incarceration that far exceed the general population.  This paper identifies many of the criminal justice laws and policies that perpetuate or exacerbate these experiences with violence, and formulates critical analysis of these laws and policies within a human rights framework.