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Electronic Green Journal

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Volume 1 Issue 13 2000


Editorial – Do We Have a Chance for Greener America?

Reminiscences on the American political election, the Hague Climate Summit, and individuals who can make a difference.


The Modern History of Energy Conservation: An Overview for Information Professionals

The current electricity crisis in California, along with high petroleum and natural gas prices everywhere, reminds us that energy conservation is a key to our survival as a civilization. This critical guide by the author of the Energy Efficiency Manual presents credible information sources on energy conservation.

Environmental Protection Efforts in a Developing Country: The Case of Guyana

Historical overview of Guyana’s environmental problems with an assessment of recent initiatives for protecting the damaged environment.

Seeking Green Societies: From Expansionism to Holistic Ecology

An essay about barriers toward building green societies.

Environmental Resources on the World Wide Web

Comprehensive coverage of environmentally related WWW sites, electronic journals, publications, and other resources.

Healthy Environment, Healthy Children, and Healthy Future: Essential Resources

A new column with sources related to the natural environment and healthy children.