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Electronic Green Journal

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Volume 1 Issue 19 2003



Corporate Governance, the Environment, and the Internet

An investigation into the ways that some Australian publicly-listed companies are using the Internet to disclose environmental information.

“Physicians of the Forest”: A Rhetorical Critique of the Bush Healthy Forest Initiative

Has the George W. Bush Administration redefined the relationships among fire, nature, and human behavior in its wildfire management policies?

Integrated Coastal Resource Management: A Prescription for Sustainable Development

How international aid agencies and NGOs interact with national policy makers and local communities in integrated coastal management programs to promote sustainable development.

An Ocean Beach Diary?

Why greater appreciation of the ocean habitat is needed.

Water resources and environment in and around Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

How the different levels of government and the local population react to the impact and pressure of environmental degradation and management of the water resources?

Educating for the Environment: Guidelines & Activities

Eight principles for refashioning mainstream youth education from an industrial model to one that equips young people for a green future.


What do you think

Explaining chemistry in vocabulary of metaphors.


Explaining chemistry in vocabulary of metaphors.


Explaining chemistry in vocabulary of metaphors.


Environmental Resources on the World Wide Web

Comprehensive coverage of environmentally related WWW sites, electronic journals, publications, and other resources.