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Green Behavior of Middle Income Population in Bogota, Colombia: A Study in the Locality of Fontibon

There is growing concern in the world about the adequate use of resources. World leaders met in Paris in December 2015 to discuss the issue of global warming, showed the importance of the topic. Colombia is not an exception to the matter. In the city of Bogota, there is growing concern about sustainability both in the government and in the public. However, growing concern does not necessarily mean taking actions or adopt behaviors to improve a problematic situation. Taking this matter into consideration, this article shows the results of a research that determined the behavior and perceptions that population of middle income from the city of Bogota have, regarding the preservation of the environment. Surveys were applied of 50 people in the locality of Fontibon, Bogotá. This article shows the results of the study regarding differences in behaviors in terms of demographic characteristics such as gender and age.

Developing Leaders Through Mentoring in Environmental Education


This article is geared towards substantiating the claim on the importance of environmental education in building leaders for the present and future generation. Emphasis was laid on the integral role mentorship program plays in developing effective environmental leaders. These leaders are expected to contribute to building environmentally friendly and sustainable societies in the future. Hence the researchers elaborated on these through the following subheading: overview of environmental education; concept of environmental leader; improving environmental education leadership skill and mentoring of leaders in environmental education.

Keywords: Environmental Education, Mentorship, Environmental leader.