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Guidelines for Reviewers

Electronic Green Journal ( EGJ) is a professional, refereed publication devoted to disseminating information concerning sources on environmental protection, conservation, management of natural resources, and ecologically-balanced regional development. Environmental issues frequently cross national borders; therefore, our journal encourages the international sharing of environmental expertise. The journal serves communities as an educational environmental resource, and includes both practical and scholarly articles, bibliographies, reviews, editorial comments, and announcements.

EGJ is written for information consultants, environmentalists, ecologists, regional planners, publishers, booksellers, researchers, educators, librarians, students, and Internet users interested in worldwide environmental topics.

Book Review Guidelines

This material is sent to you with the understanding that you are not reviewing it for any other publication. As the reviewer, you are welcome to keep the copy of the book, provided we publish your review.


Book reviews should be no more than 600 words in length.

Include Reviewer's Information and Citation Information at the top of your book review document, in the following formats:

Reviewer's Information:
name, (e-mail), title, address, phone.

Francis S. Griego ( Program Development Specialist, 1515 E First St. University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, voice:(602)621-1031

Citation Information:
Author. Title. Place of Publication: Publisher, Date. Number of pages. ISBN: or ISSN: . Price (US $) Type of Binding (paper, hardbound). Recycled, Acid-free paper (if applicable). For journals, include publication frequency.

Palmer, Tim. The Snake River: Window to the West. Washington D.C.:Island Press, 1991. 322 pp. ISBN:0-933280-60-2. US $34.95 cloth. Recycled, acid-free paper.


Our audience is the educated generalist as well as the academic specialist, i.e. librarian, information consultant, environmentalist, ecologist, regional planner, publisher, bookseller, researcher, educator, student, and Internet user interested in worldwide environmental topics.

Your review must include the following information:

1. Description of the work
Cover as necessary: principal theme/subject, scope and purpose, intended audience, organization, time/geographic coverage, style, and level of treatment.

2. Evaluation and comparison, if applicable Include where relevant: whether the work is successful in meeting its stated purpose, accuracy of information, author's/publisher's affiliation or background, currency, organization, indexes (or lack thereof), format (size, paper, binding, typography), illustrations, depth of coverage, bias, limitations, comparisons, or uniqueness. Evaluative comments are to be supported with examples including page citations. Positive statements, suggesting improvements, are more effective than negative criticism. Use quotes sparingly and always include pagination in following parentheses.

3. Recommendation
Would you recommend the book to a particular group such as undergraduate students, professionals in a given field, or general interest readers?

The editors may contact you during the editorial process. Your review will be both copy edited and edited for clarity and readability. Reviewers may be asked to provide comments or re-write text during the editing process.


It is the journal's intent that, upon publication, copyright will revert to the author, with the understanding that Internet users will have free access to the current and archived contents of the ELECTRONIC GREEN JOURNAL. Provided authors and EGJ are given due credit, net users will have permission to use EGJ and the contents therein.

Please take a look at Copy Rights  for Authors, Rights for California Digital Library , and e Scholarship Repository Policy from