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The UCLA Linguistics Department is one of the world's leading centers for the scientific study of language. The expertise of the faculty includes the traditional core areas of phonetics, phonology, syntax, and semantics, as well as the interdisciplinary fields of psycholinguistics, language acquisition, and mathematical linguistics. The faculty also includes specialists in African and Native American languages. The UCLA Phonetics Laboratory and the UCLA Psycholinguistics Laboratory are located in the department. The department publishes three types of working Papers: UCLA Working Papers in Linguistics, UCLA Occasional Papers in Linguistics, and UCLA Working Papers in Phonetics. Papers in the UCLA Working Papers in Phonetics are published in this repository.

Department of Linguistics

There are 159 publications in this collection, published between 1964 and 2019.
Works of Russell G. Schuh (2)
Working Papers in Phonetics (156)

WPP, No. 105: Linguistic Voice Quality

Contrasting phonation types in languages can differ along several acoustic dimensions, depending on whether the contrast involves differences in open quotient, in glottal closing velocity, and in noise excitation/periodicity. Listeners thus potentially have multiple perceptual cues to such contrasts. Two perception experiments, classification and similarity rating, show that listeners from different language backgrounds attend to different acoustic correlates of modal and breathy voice vowels. Contrastive tones in tone languages may also vary in phonation quality.

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