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Open Access Publications from the University of California


Who can submit

Applied Math only accepts materials about work conducted under its auspices. The administrators reserve the right to determine the suitability of submissions. For additional information, please contact the administrator.


Once posted to the repository, a work cannot generally be removed. We feel it is important to provide perpetual access to materials published within eScholarship whenever possible and appropriate. However, we will remove publications under special circumstances, including in the case of submission errors, rights violations, or inappropriate content. Please be aware, however, that even after the removal of a work, a citation to the work will remain in our system, along with a URL.

If you would like your work removed from eScholarship, please contact the administrator.

Revising Work

For assistance with revising a submission or subsequent version posting, contact the administrator.

Rights and Permissions

Applied Math does not require copyright transfer, only permission to reproduce and distribute the work. Copyright holders retain copyright ownership, granting us a nonexclusive license to publish the material, meaning that the author may also publish it elsewhere. Before submitting a paper to the repository, please be sure that all necessary permissions have been cleared in any third party material. All submissions to the repository are subject to eScholarship's standard deposit agreement, an example of which may be found in the eScholarship help center.