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The Vernal Pool

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As the leading creative writing journal for UC Merced undergraduate students, The Vernal Pool provides an edited expressive space for the student body to publish original work and an open, accessible venue for audiences to read, appreciate, celebrate and respond. Current issues can now be found at:

The Vernal Pool, Issue 2

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UC Merced's Undergraduate Creative Writing Journal


Vernal Pool Issue 2 All

Entire issue of UCM's Vernal Pool for Spring of 2015.

Four Poems

These four poems explore human nature, the human mind, and the surreal.


The poem is about the devistation that occured in Palestine.

Bovine Aerodynamics in terms of Fuzzy Lagrangian Dynamics

This paper explains the basics of both Lagrangian Mechanics and Fuzzy Set Theory such that a general audience can understand them,  and then explains Dr. Uziel Sandler's recent work on Fuzzy Lagrangian Dynamics, mostly in terms of cows being launched from catapults.

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This piece was created through a flash fiction workshop in Writing 125, Spring 2014. I have revised it based on feedback from my peers. It is also part of a larger piece that I am developing into a novel.

La Noche de los Lapices

The Night of the Pencils (in Spanish: La Noche de los Lápices), was a series of kidnappings and forced disappearances, followed by the torture, rape, and murder of a number of young students in September 1976, during the last Argentine dictatorship, also known as the National Reorganization Process. In March 1976 the Argentine military seized power following a coup d'état. The military junta then implemented what was called the National Reorganization Process which was a set of policies used by the regime to oppress resistance to its rule. The process included kidnappings, torture and murder. Meanwhile the Montoneros, a leftist guerilla group, responded violently to the junta and its actions as they enlisted other Argentines to join their campaign against the regime. Those enlisted included young, left-wing, politically active students who formed an organization named the Unión de Estudiantes Secundarios (Union of High School Students) of La Plata. The UES was committed to achieving school reforms and other political reforms, through demonstrations and protests that irked the ruling regime.

To Evan White

Winnder of the UCM creative writing club contest.

Melted Turquoise

A collection of poems about some people and moments I love and remember.