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There are 3 publications in this collection, published between 2021 and 2021.
Bobcat Comics (3)

Thirsty for Change: A Visual Guide to Getting Involved in Water Politics / Sed por Cambio: Una Guía Visual para Involucrarse en la Política del Agua

Based in a fictional town in rural California, “Thirsty for Change'” explores themes in environmental justice and the right to clean water. This bilingual comic book introduces concepts in water governance and illustrates the possibility of systemic change to water management through community empowerment. Resources from the nonprofit organization, Community Water Center, are included within. This project was funded through the Henry Luce Foundation and the Center for the Humanities at the University of California, Merced.

What's soil got to do with climate change?

This comic is based on Prof. Asmeret Asefaw Berhe's TEDtalk "A climate change solution that's right under our feet" ( 

Abstract from There's two times more carbon in the earth's soil than in all of its vegetation and the atmosphere -- combined. Biogeochemist Asmeret Asefaw Berhe dives into the science of soil and shares how we could use its awesome carbon-trapping power to offset climate change. "[Soil] represents the difference between life and lifelessness in the earth system, and it can also help us combat climate change -- if we can only stop treating it like dirt," she says.

Forging Communities in Colonial Alta California -- A Comic

A comic synopsis of the book Forging Communities in Colonial Alta California, edited by Kathleen L. Hull and John G. Douglass (University of Arizona Press, 2018).