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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Policies for Submissions

Who Can Submit

The California Community College Collaborative (C4) only publishes materials about work conducted under the auspices of the California Community College Collaborative (C4). For additional information, please contact Noemy Medina at

How to Submit a Paper

  1. Make sure your paper is in an acceptable format. We can accept papers in Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format (RTF), or Adobe Acrobat (PDF). We can convert files from some programs into an acceptable format.
  2. Submit the paper by emailing it to Noemy Medina at Include in an email message the following things: name, affiliation (department and university), and email address for each author.

If you have any questions, contact Noemy Medina at

Overview of the Process

After you submit your paper, we will create an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version of the paper. We will then send you a message asking you to approve the PDF version. Please look it over within 5 days and reply to Noemy Medina at as soon as possible. At this stage, we're unable to make any changes beyond the truly necessary. You will be notified by e-mail when the paper is posted.


A paper may be updated or removed from public view by sending a request to Noemy Medina at However, a citation to the original version of the paper will always remain on the site.

Rights and Permissions

Before submitting a paper to the repository, please be sure that all necessary permissions have been cleared. You retain the copyright to your paper and grant us the nonexclusive right to publish this material, meaning that you may also publish it elsewhere.