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Open Access Publications from the University of California


Boobs, Boxing, and Bombs: Problematizing the Entertainment of Spike TV

Spike is the only television network in North America “for men.” Its motto, “Get more action,” is suggestive of pursuits of various forms of violence. We conceptualize Spike not as trivial entertainment, but rather as a form of pop culture that erodes the gains of feminists who have challenged the prevalence of normalized hegemonic masculinity (HM). Our paper highlights themes of Spike content, and connects those themes to the literature on HM. Moreover, we validate the identities and lives of men who cannot or refuse to subscribe to the pressures of hegemonic masculinity.

Challenges in Classifying Students with Emotional Disturbance: Perspectives of Appraisal Professionals

This qualitative study examines the perspectives and assumptions of the appraisal professionals who are involved in and responsible for the evaluation of students with behavioral concerns. Appraisal professionals employed in two school districts participated in this study. Interviews were analyzed according to emergent themes that suggested two major assumptions of the participants. The first assumption involved the relationship between students’ social location and the condition known as Emotional Disturbance. The second assumption focused on systemic or institutional issues of classification. Implications for appraisal professionals and limitations are also discussed.

Attitudes toward the LGBT Community in Higher Education

This work examines the relationship between class standing and college affiliation on attitudes toward the LGBT community. Data were collected at a medium sized, public Southeastern University using an electronic survey instrument. A total of 1768 students responded to the survey. Results show that upper-level students and students in the College of Arts and Sciences exhibit more tolerance than their first and second year peers and students in the College of Education and College of Business respectively.