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Writing Program

There are 14 publications in this collection, published between 2006 and 2019.
CCCC Intellectual Property Annual (14)

The CCCC-IP Annual: Top Intellectual Property Developments of 2011

Introduction: Copyright and Intellectual Property in 2011  Clancy Ratliff, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

The Defeat of the Research Works Act and Its Implications  Mike Edwards, United States Military Academy at West Point

Open Access Initiatives    Annette Vee, University of Pittsburgh

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: What Golan v. Holder Means for the Future of the Public Domain   Traci Zimmerman, James Madison University

"Sentence First--Verdict Afterwards": The Protect IP and the Stop Online Piracy Acts   Kim D. Gainer, Radford University

A Dark Day on the Internet Leads to a Sea Change in Copyright Policy   Laurie Cubbison, Radford University

Occupy Trademark: Branding a Political Movement   Timothy R. Amidon, University of Rhode Island

Major Intellectual Property Developments of 2005 for Scholars of Composition and Communication

Google Face Legal Challenges in its Effort To Digitize University Library Contents  Krista Kennedy, University of Minnesota

MGM v. Grokster: Implications for Educators and Writing Teachers  James E Porter & Martine Courant Rife, The WIDE Research Center at Michigan State University

BMG Music v. Gonzalez: Fair Use Tested in a Federal Court  Jessica Reyman, University of Minnestoa

The CCCC-IP Annual: Top Intellectual Property Developments of 2009

Introduction: Copyright and Intellectual Property in 2009  Clancy Ratliff, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

An Issue for Open Education: Interpreting the Non-Commercial Clause in Creative Commons Licensing  Charles Lowe, Grand Valley State University

The Option Not to Act: The Dissertations of Boening and Meehan  Craig A. Meyer, Ohio University

Copyright in the Hands of Creators: Australasia's Growing Creative Commons  Carol Mohrbacher, St. Cloud State University

Two Competing Copyright Curricula: The 2009 Release of Intellectual Property Curricula from the Recording Industry Association of America and the Electronic Frontier Foundation  Clancy Ratliff, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Creative Commons Plus: Increasing Options for Content Creators  Kyle Stedman, University of South Florida

Breaking Free: The Fight for User Control and the Practices of Jailbreaking  Devon C. Fitzgerald, Millikin University

Apple App Store Arbitrates the Cellular Wireless Public Sphere, For Now  Dayna Goldstein, Georgia Southern University

MIT Will Publish All Faculty Articles Free in Online Repository (2009 Decision)  Charlotte Brammer, Samford University

J.D. Salinger and 60 Years Later: The Struggle between Copyright and the First Amendment  Kim Gainer, Radford University

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