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Submission Guidelines & Best Practices

Who Can Submit

The UC San Diego Library's eScholarship repository publishes a variety of scholarship conducted under the auspices of the UC San Diego Library. For additional information, please contact

Best Practices

  1. It is preferred that your work is in a sustainable format

    1. Articles or presentations in Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

    2. Links to full text items in open access repositories or publishing platforms

  2. Describe your work for search engine optimization and understanding

    1. Write an abstract for your work. It can be any length.

    2. Select three to five keywords. These are words that will help users locate your work through a search.

  3. Include supplementary material (slide notes, data, etc.) to help users better understand your work

Overview of the Process

Step-by-step instructions here

For additional information on policy or deposit, please contact