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Author Agreement Form

Author Agreement - Vertebrate Pest Conference Proceedings


Title of Paper:________________________________________________________________



A. Grant of License to Publish

I grant the Vertebrate Pest Council (hereafter referred to as “Council”) the non-exclusive right to make the contents of my manuscript (hereafter called the “Work”), submitted for the Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference (VPC), available in any format in perpetuity. I (or my employer) retain ownership of copyright and other intellectual property rights such as patent rights.

I warrant as follows:
(a)     that I have the full power and authority to make this agreement;
(b)     that the Work does not infringe any copyright, not violate proprietary rights, nor contain any libelous matter, nor invade the privacy of any person or third party; and
(c)     that no right in the Work has in any way been sold, mortgaged, or otherwise disposed of, and that the Work is free from all liens and claims.

I understand that once the Work is submitted to the Editor(s) of the Proceedings, it will be available to anyone via its publication in the Proceedings in hard copy format, or it may be available at a future time in electronic format (on a Compact Disc or other means of electronic storage / distribution, or via a site on the World Wide Web), or in other forms of media, now or hereafter known.

The author or authors agree that in their future uses of the work:
(a) If all or a portion of the Work is published in the author’s own future work, the VPC citation will be included.
(b) If author-versions, preprints, postprints, or revisions are posted or published, the VPC citation will be included.

I agree to hold the Council and its agents harmless from any claim, action, or proceeding alleging facts that constitute a breach of any warranty enumerated in this agreement, and further agree to indemnify the Council and its agents against expenses and attorney’s fees that may be incurred in defense against each claim, action, or proceeding.

* For jointly authored papers, an original signature is required from one (assumed senior) author only.  However, we assume that all authors have been advised and have consented to the terms of this Agreement, and this single author acts as duly authorized agent of the others.

B. Declaration For U.S. Government Employees’ Work
If any of the authors wrote the paper a) as part of work as U.S. government employees or, b) as other non-copyrightable work, I am notifying VPC in the notes or other materials accompanying my electronic submission which author(s), along with a description of the circumstances, including, if applicable, which government agency or agencies.

revision March 2018