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Thank you for considering submitting a review to the American Indian Culture and Research Journal. Please note that we accept reviews of books, films, and art exhibitions. Although reviews may cover more than one work, no single review should exceed 1,100 words.

The books for which we are currently seeking reviews are listed below. We will update these on an ongoing basis, approximately every other month.

We ask that you e-mail us  here to approve the review prior to submission, and  suggest you reach out to us to inquire if we are open to other books not listed here (including your own), or to confirm if we are open to reviews of particular films or exhibits. Please keep in mind that reviews should be published within two years of a publication, exhibit opening, or film release.  

Detailed guidelines for our reviews can be found here: Review Guidelines

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AICRJ Book Review Guid

Stephen B. Acabado and Marlon M. MartinIndigenous Archaeology in the Phillipines: Decolonizing Ifugao HistoryUniversity of Arizona Press
Jennifer AdeseAboriginalTM: The Cultural and Economic Politics of RecognitionUniversity of Manitoba Press
Edward AhenakewOld Keyam and Black HawkNew York University Press
Freda Ahenakew and H.C. WolfartKokominawak Otâcimowiniwâwa (Our Grandmother's Lives)New York University Press
Gerardo Aldana Y VillalobosCalculating Brilliance: An Intellectual History of Mayan Astronomy at Chich'en ItzaUniversity of Arizona Press
Taiaiake AlfredAll About the Land: Collected Talks and Interviews on Indigenous ResurgenceUniversity of Toronto Press
Elin Anna LabbaThe Rocks Will Echo Our Sorrow: The Forced Displacement of the Northern SámiUniversity of Minnesota Press
Megan AsakaSeattle from the Margins: Exclusion, Erasure, and the Making of a Pacific Coast CityUniversity of Washington Press
Kathleen Ash-Milby and Bill Anthes, Eds.Dakota Modern: The Art of Oscar HoweUniversity of Oklahoma Press
Joe Baker and Laura Turner Igoe, Eds.Never Broken: Visualizing Lenape HistoriesPenn Press
Leo BaskatawangReclaiming Anishinaabe Law: Kinamaadiwin Inaakonigewin and the Treaty Right to EducationUniversity of Manitoba Press
Kamanamaikalani Beamer, Te Maire Tau and Peter M. VitousekIslands and Cultures: How Pacific Islands Provide Paths Toward SustainabilityYale University Press
Janet Catherine BerloNot Native American Art: Fakes, Replicas, and Invented TraditionsUniversity of Washington Press
Michael A. BlaakmanSpeculation Nation: Land Mania in the Revolutionary American RepublicPenn Press
Carole BlackburnBeyond Rights: The Nisga'a Final Agreement and the Challenges of Modern Treaty RelationshipsUniversity of Chicago Press
Mark L.M. Blair, Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox, and Kestrel A. SmithAmerican Indian Studies: Native PhD Graduates Gift Their StoriesUniversity of Arizona Press
Kai BosworthPipeline Populism: Grassroots Environmentalism in the Twenty-First CenturyUniversity of Minnesota Press
Yvonne BoyerMétis Rising: Living Our Present Through the Power of Our PastUniversity of Chicago Press
Dana Brablec and Andrew CanessaUrban Indigeneities: Being Indigenous in the 21st Century 
Irus BravermanSettling Nature: The Conservation Regime in Palestine-IsraelUniversity of Minnesota Press
Susan Dianne BrophyA Legacy of Exploitation: Early Capitalism in the Red River Colony, 1763-1821University of Chicago Press
Tony C. BrownStatelessness: On Almost Not ExistingUniversity of Minnesota Press
Ajani Burrell and Kimberly Bunts-Anderson, Eds.A Marianas Mosaic: Signs and Shifts in Contemporary Island LifeNew York University Press
David Carey Jr.Health in the Highlands: Indigenous Healing and Scientific Medicine in Guatemala and EcuadorUC Press
Sean CarletonLessons in Legitimacy: Colonialism, Capitalism, and the Rise of State Schooling in British ColumbiaUniversity of British Columbia Press
Vicki Chartrand and Josephine SavareseUnsettling Colonialism in the Canadian Criminal Justice SystemUniversity of Chicago Press
Eric CheyfitzThe Colonial Construction of Indian Country: Native American Literatures and Federal Indian LawUniversity of Minnesota Press
Michael Chiago Sr. and Amadeo M. ReaMichael Chiago: O'odham Lifeways Through ArtUniversity of Arizona Press
Jeffery Clark and Elise Boxer, Eds.From the Skin: Defending Indigenous Nations Using Theory and PraxisUniversity of Arizona Press
Cathy CoatsTo Banish Forever: A Secret Society, the Ho-Chunk, and Ethnic Cleansing in MinnesotaMinnesota Historical Society Press
Timothy CochraneMaking the Carry: The Lives of John and Tchi-Ki-Wis LinklaterUniversity of Minnesota Press
Matt CohenThe Silence of the Miskito Prince: How Cultural Dialogue Was ColonizedUniversity of Minnesota Press
Sherman and Grace Coolidge, Ed. Tadeusz LewandoskiThe Collected Writings of Sherman and Grace CoolidgeUniversity of Nebraska Press
Carma CorcoranThe Incarceration of Native American Women: Creating Pathways to Wellness and Recovery Through Gentle Action TheoryUniversity of Nebraska Press
Aimée Craft and Jill Blakley, edsIn Our Backyard: Keeyask and the Legacy of Hydroelectric DevelopmentUniversity of Manitoba Press
Tiffany D. Creegan MillerThe Maya Art of Speaking Writing: Remediating Indigenous Orality in the Digital AgeUniversity of Arizona Press
Karrmen CreyProducing Sovereignty" The Rise of Indigenous Media in CanadaUniversity of Minnesota Press
Carol Lynne D'ArcangelisThe Solidarity Encounter: Women, Activism, and Creating Non-Colonizing RelationsUniversity of British Columbia Press
Peter D'ErricoFederal Anti-Indian Law: The Legal Entrapment of Indigenous PeoplesPraeger
Lori J. DaggarCultivating Empire: Capitalism, Philanthropy, and the Negotiation of American Imperialism in Indian CountryUniversity of Pennsylvania Press
Sean M. Daley and Christine Makosky DaleyThe Complexities of American Indian Identity in the Twenty-First CenturyRowman & Littlfefield Press
Robert V. Davis Jr.The Search for the First Americans: Science, Power, PoliticsUniversity of Oklahoma Press
Kathleen DeaganEn Bas Saline: A Taíno Town Before and After ColumbusUniversity Press of Florida
René Dietrich and Kerstin KnopfBiopolitics, Geopolitics, Life: Settler States and Indigenous PresenceDuke University Press
Diane DittemoreWoven From the Center: Native Basketry in the SouthwestUniversity of Arizona Press
Rebecca J. DobkinsThe Art of Ceremony: Voices of Renewal from Indigenous OregonUniversity of Washington Press
Allan DowneyThe Creator's Game: Lacrosse, Identity, and Indigenous NationhoodUniversity of Chicago Press
Staci Lola DrouillardSeven AuntsUniversity of Minnesota Press
Alejandra DubcovskyTalking Back: Native Women and the Making of the Early SouthYale University Press
Elizabeth N. EllisThe Great Power of Small Nations: Indigenous Diplomacy in the Gulf SouthPenn Press (
Aazhoodenaang EnjibaajigOur Long Struggle for Home: The Ipperwash StoryUniversity of Chicago Press
Laura FellerBeing Indigenous In Jim Crow VirginiaUniversity of Oklahoma Press
Eds.: Liisa-Rávná Finbog, Katya García-Antón, Beaska Niillas, assisted by Liv BrissachČatnosat. The Sámi Pavilion, Indigenous Art, Knowledge and Sovereignty Valiz
Bradley FolsomSon of Vengeance: Searching for the Legendary Apache RafaelUniversity of Oklahoma Press
Andrew GarrettThe Unnaming of Kroeber Hall: Language, Memory, and Indigenous CaliforniaMIT Press
Mneesha GellmanIndigenous Language Politics in the Schoolroom: Cultural Survival in Mexico and the United StatesPenn Press (
Diane Glancy and Linda RodriguezUnpapered: Writers Consider Native American Identity and Cultural BelongingUniversity of Nebraska Press
Aaron GlassWriting the Hamat'sa: Ethnography, Colonialism, and the Cannibal DanceUniversity of British Columbia Press
Mishuana GoemanSettler Aesthetics: Visualizing the Spectacle of Originary Moments in the New WorldsUniversity of Nebraska Press
Amy GoreBook Anatomy: Body Politics and the Materiality of Indigenous Book HistoryUniversity of Massachusetts Press
Rae Gould, Holly Herbster, Heather Law Pezzarossi, Stephen A. MrozowskiHistorical Archaeology and Indigenous Collaboration: Discovering Histories that Have FuturesUniversity Press of Florida
Joseph GrahamInsatiable Hunger: Colonial Encounters in ContextUniversity of Chicago Press
Bruce Granville MillerWitness to the Human Rights Tribunals: How the System Fails Indigenous PeoplesUniversity of British Columbia Press
Jennifer GrenzMedicine Wheel for the Planet: A Journey Toward Personal and Ecological HealingUniversity of Minnesota Press
Lawrence GrossNative American RhetoricUniversity of New Mexico Press
Andrew GullifordBears Ears: Landscape of Refuge and ResistanceThe University of Utah Press
Erna GuntherIndian Life on the Northwest Coast of North America as Seen by the Early Explorers and Fur Traders during the Last Decades of the Eighteenth CenturyUniversity of Chicago Press
Craig HarrisRise Up! Indigenous Music in North AmericaUniversity of Nebraska Press
Olivia C. HarrisonNatives Against Nativism: Antiracism and Indigenous Critique in Postcolonial FranceUniversity of Minnesota Press
Eric Hoenes del PinalGuarded by Two Jaguars: A Catholic Parish Divided by Language and FaithUniversity of Arizona Press
Tom HolmIra Hayes: Akimel O'odham Warrior, World War II Hero, and LegendTwelve Press;
Trevor HerriotTowards a Prairie AtonementNew York University Press
James L. HillCreek Internationalism in an Age of Revolution, 1763-1818University of Nebraska Press
Hi′ilei Julia Kawehipuaakahaopulani HobartCooling the Tropics: Ice, Indigeneity, and Hawaiian RefreshmentDuke University Press
Robert D. HoffmanRaven's Echo: Poems that honor and Explore Traditional and Contemporary Tlingit LifeUniversity of Arizona Press
Heather Igloliorte and Carla TauntonThe Routledge Companion to Indigenous Art Histories in the United States and CanadaRoutledge
Michelle R. JacobsIndigenous Memory, Urban Reality: Stories of American Indian Relocation and ReclamationNew York University Press
Shalene Wuttunee JobinUpholding Indigenous Economic Relationships: Nehiyawak NarrativesUniversity of Chicago Press
Shelby JohnsonThe Rich Earth Between Us: The Intimate Grounds of Race and Sexuality in the Atlantic World, 1770-1840University of North Carolina Press
Rosemary J. JollyThe Effluent Eye: Narratives for Decolonial Right-MakingUniversity of Minnesota Press
Jessica Joyce ChristieEarth Politics and Intangible HeritageUniversity Press of Florida
Maeve KaneShirts Powdered Red: Haudenosaunee Gender, Trade, and Exchange across Three CenturiesCornell University Press
Stephen KantrowitzCitizens of a Stolen Land: A Ho-Chunk History of the Nineteenth Century United StatesUniversity of North Carolina Press
Stephen KantrowitzCitizens of a Stolen Land: A Ho-Chunk History of the Nineteenth Century United StatesUniversity of North Carolina Press
Sarah KeyesAmerican Burial Ground: A New History of the Overland TrailPenn Press
Nadia Y. Kim and Pawan Dhingra, Eds.Disciplinary Futures: Sociology in Conversation with American, Ethnic, and Indigenous StudiesNew York University Press
Charles W. Koenig and Myles R. Miller, Eds.Earth Ovens and Desert Lifeways: 10,000 Years of Indigenous Cooking in the Arid Landscapes of North AmericaUniversity of Utah Press
Susan Koshy, Lisa Marie Cacho, Jodi A. Byrd, and Brian Jordan Jefferson, Eds.Colonial Racial CapitalismDuke University Press
Robin Kundis Craig and Jeffrey Mathes McCarthy, eds.Re-Envisioning the Anthropocene OceanUniversity of Utah Press
Valerie LambertNative Agency: Indians in the Bureau of Indian AffairsUniversity of Minnesota Press
Catherine LarochelleSchool of Racism: A Canadian History, 1830-1915University of Manitoba Press
Brooke LarsonThe Lettered Indian: Race, Nation, and Indigenous Education in Twentieth-Century BoliviaDuke University Press
Lloyd Lee, Ed.Nihikéyah: Navajo Homeland 
Lisa J. Leffler and Thomas N. BeltSounds of Tohi: Cherokee Health and Well-Being in Southern AppalachiaThe University of Alabama Press
Emily LeggStories of Our Living Ephemera: Storytelling Methodologies in the Archives of the Cherokee National Seminaries, 1846-1907Utah State University Press
Laura Leon LlerenaReading the Illegible: Indigenous Writing and the Limits of Colonial Hegemony in the AndesUniversity of Arizona Press
Tadeusz LewandowskiThe Life of Sherman Coolidge, Arapaho ActivistUniversity of Nebraska Press
Sheryl Lightfoot and Elsa Stamatopoulou, EdsIndigenous Peoples and BordersDuke University Press
McKenzie LongThis Contested Land: The Storied Past and Uncertain Future of America's National MonumentsUniversity of Minnesota Press
John P. LukavicEach/Other: Marie Watt and Cannupa Hanska LugerUniversity of Washington Press
David MartinezMy Heart is Bound Up With Them: How Carlos Montezuma Became the Voice of a GenerationUniversity of Arizona Press
Brandy Nālani McDougallĀina hānau / Birth LandUniversity of Arizona Press
Michael C. McKenzieCountry Strange and Far: The Methodist Church in the Pacific Northwest, 1834-1918University of Nebraska Press
Jennifer McLerranA New Deal For Navajo Weaving: Reform and Revival of Diné TextilesUniversity of Arizona Press
Robert McPhersonScouting for the Blue Coats: Navajos, Apaches, and the US Military, 1873-1911University Press of Colorado
Robert J. Miller and Robbie EthridgeA Promise Kept: The Muscogee (Creek) Nation and McGirt v. OklahomaUniversity of Oklahoma Press
Rose MironIndigenous Archival Activism: Mohican Interventions in Public History and MemoryUniversity of Minnesota Press
Michelle MontgomeryVoices of IndigenuityUniversity Press of Colorado
Rachel MorganSins of the Shovel: Looting, Murder, and the Evolution of American ArchaeologyUniversity of Chicago Press
Blaire MorseauAs Sacred to Us: Simon Pokagon's Birch Bark Stories in Their ContextsMichigan State University Press
Tessa MurphyThe Creole Archipelago: Race and Borders in the Colonial CaribbeanPenn Press
David Myer TeminRemapping Sovereignty: Decolonization and Self-Determination in North American Indigenous Political ThoughtUniversity of Chicago Press
Albert NarathSolar Adobe: Energy, Ecology, and Earthen ArchitectureUniversity of Minnesota Press
M. Eleanor NevinsLessons From Fort Apache: Beyond Language Endangerment and MaintenanceUniversity of Nebraska Press
Marianne O. Nielsen and Barbara M. HeatherFinding Right Relations: Quakers, Native Americans, and Settler ColonialismUniversity of Arizona Press 
Marianne O. Nielsen and Karen Jarratt-Snider, Eds.Indigenous Justice and GenderUniversity of Arizona Press
Mbuso NkosiThese Potatoes Look Like Humans: The Contested Future of Land, Home, and Death in South AfricaNew York University Press
Mairin OdleUnder the Skin: Tattoos, Scalps, and the Contested Language of Bodies in Early AmericaPenn Press (
Tom Özden-SchillingThe Ends of Research: Indigenous and Settler Science After the War in the WoodsDuke University Press
Agnieszka Pawłowska-MainvilleStored in the Bones: Safeguarding Indigenous Living HeritagesUniversity of Manitoba Press
Christopher PerreiraArchiving Medical Violence: Consent and the Carceral StateUniversity of Minnesota Press
Teresa PetersonPerennial Ceremony: Lessons and Gifts from a Dakota GardenUniversity of Minnesota Press
Teresa Peterson and Walter LaBatte Jr.Voices from Pejuhutazizi: Dakota Stories and StorytellersMinnesota Historical Society Press
Kenneth L. Pratt and Scott A. Heyes, eds.Memory and Landscape: Indigenous Responses to a Changing NorthUniversity of Chicago Press
Tony PlattThe Scandal of Cal: Landgrabs, White Supremacy, and Miseducation at UC BerkeleyHeydey Books
Kenneth L. Pratt and Scott A. Heyes, eds.Memory and Landscape: Indigenous Responses to a Changing NorthUniversity of Chicago Press
Liz PryzybylskiSonic Sovereignty: Hip Hop, Indigeneity, and Shifting Popular Music MainstreamsNew York University Press
Soloman RattKâ-Pî-Isi-Kiskisiyân/ The Way I RememberNew York University Press
Kaitlin ReedSettler Cannabis: From Gold Rush to Green Rush in Indigenous Northern CaliforniaUniversity of Washington Press
Marcie R. RendonAnishinaabe Songs For a New MilleniumUniversity of Minnesota Press
Mark RifkinThe Politics of Kinship: Race, Family, GovernanceDuke University Press
Joaquín Rivaya-MartínezIndigenous Borderlands: Native Agency, Resilience, and Power in the AmericasThe University of Oklahoma Press
Nora RiveraThe Rhetorical Mediator: Understanding Agency in Indigenous Translation Through Indigenous Approaches to UXUtah State University Press
Martin Rizzo-MartinezWe Are Not Animals: Indigenous Politics of Survival, Rebellion, and Reconstitution in Nineteenth-Century CaliforniaUniversity of Nebraska Press
Daniel RückThe Laws and the Land: The Settler Colonial Invasion of Kahnawà:ke in Nineteenth-Century CanadaUniversity of Chicago Press
Tsim Schneider and Lee Panich, Eds.Archaeologies of Indigenous PresenceUniversity Press of Florida
Tim SchoulsThe Spaces In Between: Indigenous Sovereignty within the Canadian StateUniversity of Toronto Press
Christopher W. Schwartz, Stephen Plog, and Patricia A. Gilman, Eds.Birds of the Sun: Macaws and People in the U.S. Southwest and Mexican NorthwestUniversity of Arizona Press
Steven J. SchwartzbergArguments Over Genocide: The War of Words in the Congress and the Supreme Court Over Cherokee RemovalEthics Press
Joan Scottie, Warren Bernauer, and Jack HicksI Will Live For Both of Us: A History of Colonialism, Uranium Mining, and Inuit ResistanceUniversity of Manitoba Press
John ShawIn Order That Justice May Be Done: The Legal Struggle of the Turtle Mountain Band of Pembina Chippewa, 1795-1905North Dakota University Press
Jacqueline Shea MurphyDancing Indigenous Worlds: Choreographies of RelationUniversity of Minnesota Press
Wendy Shelly GreyeyesA History of Navajo Nation Education: Disentangling Our Sovereign BodyUniversity of Arizona Press
Jan SimekA Dark Pathway: Precontact Native American Mud Glyphs From 1st Unnamed Cave, TennesseeThe University of Tennessee Press
Kristalyn Marie ShefvelandSelling Vero Beach: Settler Myths in the Land of the Aís and SeminoleUniversity Press of Florida
Louise SiddonsGood Pictures Are a Strong Weapon: Laura Gilpin, Queerness, and Navajo SovereigntyUniversity of Minnesota Press
Jan SimekA Dark Pathway: Precontact Native American Mud Glyphs From 1st Unnamed Cave, TennesseeThe University of Tennessee Press
William E. SimeoneThe Upper Tanana Dene: People of this LandUniversity of Alaska Press
Tendayi SitholeBlack X: Liberatory Thought in AzaniaNew York University Press
Barbara SjoholmFrom Lapland to Sápmi: Collecting and Returning Sámi Craft and CultureUniversity of Minnesota Press
Anne StewartAngry Planet: Decolonial Fiction and the American Third WorldUniversity of Minnesota Press
Blair A. StonechildChallenge to Civilization: Indigenous Wisdom and the FutureNew York University Press
Quito SwanPasifika Black: Oceania, Anti-Colonialism, and the African WorldNew York University Press
Joyce M. SzaboReimagining History From an Indigenous Perspective: The Graphic Work of Floyd SolomanUniversity of New Mexico Press
Marie Balsley TaylorIndigenous Kinship, Colonial Texts, and the Contested Space of Early New EnglandUMass Press
Mary E. Thomas and Bruce Braun, Eds.Settling the Boom: The Sites and Subjects of Bakken OilUniversity of Minnesota Press
Terra TrevorWe Who Walk the Seven Ways: A MemoirUniversity of Nebraska Press
Ronald L. TrosperIndigenous Economics: Sustaining Peoples and Their LandsUniversity of Arizona Press
Daniel H. UsnerNative American Women and the Burdens of Southern HistoryLousiana State University Press
Rebecca and ValetteClitso Dedman, Navajo Carver: His Art and His WorldBison Books
Pedro Vallejo and Vincent Werito, Eds. Transforming Diné Education: Innovations in Pedagogy and PracticeUniversity of Arizona Press
Mark Van de LogtBetween the Floods: A History of the ArikarasUniversity of Oklahoma Press
Sabina Vaught, Bryan McKinley Jones, and Jeremiah ChinThe School-Prison TrustUniversity of Minnesota Press
Teresa A. VelásquezPachamama Politics: Campesino Water Defenders and the Anti-Mining Movement in Andean EcuadorUniversity of Arizona Press
Gerald VizenorWaiting for Wovoka: Envoys of Good Cheer and LibertyWesleyan University Press
Clinton WestmanCree and Christian: Encounters and TransformationsUniversity of Nebraska Press
Sandy White HawkA Child of The Indian Race: A Story of ReturnMinnesota Historical Society Press
Joshua WhiteheadMaking Love with the Land: EssaysUniversity of Minnesota Press
Sarah Marie WiebeLife Against States of Emergency: Revitalizing Treaty Relations From AttawapiskatThe University of Chicago Press
Caroline WiggintonIndigenuity: Native Carftwork & the Art of American LiteratureUniversity of North Carolina Press
John William NelsonMuddy Ground: Native Peoples, Chicago's Portage, and the Transformation of a ContinentUniversity of North Carolina Press
David H. Wilson Jr.Northern Paiutes of the Malheur: High Desert Reckoning in Oregon CountyBison Books
Patricia Burke Wood and David A RossiterUnstable Properties: Aboriginal Title and the Claim of British ColumbiaUniversity of Chicago Press
Michael D. WiseNative Foods: Agriculture, Indigeneity, and Settler Colonialism in American HistoryUniversity of Arkansas Press
Elizabeth YeomanExactly What I Said: Translating Words and WorldsUniversity of Manitoba Press