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About Biogeographia

Biogeographia – The Journal of Integrative Biogeography is a scientific journal publishing original research and reviews in biogeography since 1970. Papers dealing with clear hypotheses, large data sets, convincing analyses or interesting results on the distribution of organisms will be considered for peer review. Purely descriptive studies will be considered if embedded in a theoretical framework or if they provide unique primary data of high potential future scientific value.

The journal is published on behalf of the Italian Biogeography Society (Società Italiana di Biogeografia, SIB, [in Italian only]). The society was officially founded in 1962 from the previous informal Gruppo Italiano Biogeografi and from 1970 published its own journal Biogeographia - Lavori della Società Italiana di Biogeografia, which now is published under the name Biogeographia – The Journal of Integrative Biogeography.

A printed volume of the journal was usually published after a meeting of the society devoted to a specific topic, then, from 2016 one volume was published online every year, and from 2022 each yearly volume was divided in two issues.