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General enquiries should be made by e-mail to our editorial office: Specific enquiries and proposals for contributions may be directed to the coordinators of particular sections, following the contact details and instructions provided in the Editorial Board and Information for Authors pages.

The physical address of the publisher eScholarship is: CDL- California Digital Library, 415 20th St, 4th Flr, Oakland, CA 94612, USA.

The physical address of the editor-in-chief , Diego Fontaneto, is: National Research Council of Italy, Water Research Institute, Largo Tonolli 50, 28922 Verbania Pallanza, Italy.

Biogeographia is the scientific journal of the Italian Biogeography Society (Società Italiana di Biogeografia, SIB, [in Italian only]).  The Society's board (which is an elected body) appoints the editor in chief.