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With the first linguistics department to be established in North America (in 1901), Berkeley has a rich and distinguished tradition of rigorous linguistic documentation and theoretical innovation, making it an exciting and fulfilling place to carry out linguistic research. Its original mission, due to the anthropologist Alfred Kroeber and the Sanskrit and Dravidian scholar Murray B. Emeneau, was the recording and describing of unwritten languages, especially American Indian languages spoken in California and elsewhere in the United States. The current Department of Linguistics continues this tradition, integrating careful, scholarly documentation with cutting-edge theoretical work in phonetics, phonology, and morphology; syntax, semantics, and pragmatics; psycholinguistics; sociolinguistics and anthropological linguistics; historical linguistics; typology; and cognitive linguistics.

Department of Linguistics

There are 952 publications in this collection, published between 1957 and 2019.
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Proposal to encode the Old Sogdian script in Unicode

This is a proposal to encode the Old Sogdian script into the Unicode Standard. The script was published in Unicode version 11.0 in 2018. Old Sogdian was used in the Kultobe inscriptions, the 'Ancient Letters' of Dunhuang, China, the upper Indus inscriptions dated from 4-7c CE, and on inscribed coins and vessels from the area of Chach (modern Tashkent, Uzbekistan).

Proposal to encode the Makasar script in Unicode

This is proposal to encode the Makasar script in the international character encoding standard Unicode. The script was published in Unicode 11.0 in 2018. The script was used to write the Makasar language in South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Proposal to Encode the Soyombo Script

This is a proposal to encode the Soyombo script in the Unicode Standard. The script was published in Unicode 10.0 in June 2017. Soyombo is an historic script used to write Mongolian, Sanskrit, and Tibetan. A revised code chart of the script, updated from the chart in this document, is contained in the Unicode document L2/15-247 in the Unicode Consortium's document registry.

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