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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Aim and Scope

rEvista will be published in November and May of each year. The main focus of rEvista is the exploration of social justice as it addresses power disparities in contemporary U.S. society as well as in other countries. rEvista addresses social justice is defining the geographies of power evidenced in part by various social inequalities. Part of our project is the determination of what constitutes abuse: What is abuse within a given culture? How do we conceptualize (i.e. translate) the semiotics of abuse? Can we appeal to human universals or is that to introduce another privileging? rEvista takes a multi-disciplinary, multi-genre approach to the examination of social justice because traditionally social science has mapped out social inequalities along with their corresponding contexts of power and the humanities conceptualize justice(s) within constructed cultural contexts. Whereas science and technology often constitutes the instrumentation of power. rEvista integrates all of these vectors in the review of materials submitted for publication. We hope to produce an e-journal that will integrate the examination and deconstruction of inequalities for the purpose of accomplishing social justice.