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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Submission Guidelines

All submissions must be submitted electronically and include:

  1. A cover letter with the author’s complete contact information including: author(s) full name, street address, email address, and phone number.
  2. All written materials must follow CHICAGO style.
  3. Digital art must be initially submitted in JPG (Images) and sonic files (audio) must be submitted in MP3 format. However, if the piece is accepted the final format should be submitted in a higher resolution/quality. The final version should be submitted as a TIFF (Images), MP3 (audio) and MPEG-4 (video). If none of these formats are available to the authors, please contact the Aída Hurtado, Editor for further information and instructions about other alternative/convertible formats.

Manuscripts and other intellectual products like digital interviews, artwork, and creative writings will be reviewed by the editorial board after the work is sent out to at least two experts in the field for their assessment. The editorial board will review the outside evaluations and make a decision for revision and/or publication.

The editorial board will include the editor, the two managing editors, the graduate student associate editor and four additional members that will represent various constituencies related to the focus of rEvista and the five hubs: Multimedia Hub (e.g., digital interviews related to addressing social justice, artwork, sonic pieces), Knowledge Production (e.g., special issue on writing about social justice, educational issues and social justice), Decolonizing Science (educational interventions using indigenous concepts, debates on the epistemologies encompassed in indigenous science), Working Papers Hub (e.g., working papers addressing social justice), and Newsletter Hub (e.g., announcements related to social justice, ethnic studies and feminist studies issues, job announcements, graduate student accomplishments, innovative programs addressing social justice, publication of new books related to social justice).

A specific email [] has been requested and is pending for submissions.