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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Editorial Board


Edward L. Lascher, Jr., California State University, Sacramento

Assistant Managing Editors

Wesley Hussey, California State University, Sacramento

Editorial Board

Brian Adams, San Diego State University

Elizabeth Bergman, California State University, East Bay

Shaun Bowler, University of California, Riverside

James Brighton, Alameda County Superior Court (Ret.)

Jeffrey Cummins, California State University, Fresno

Joshua Dyck, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Stacy Gordon Fisher, Foundation for California Community Colleges

Christopher Francis, California State Senate Budget Committee

Lori Freedman, University of California, San Francisco

José Henriquez, El Dorado County Local Agency Formation Commission

Thad Kousser, University of California, San Diego

David Lang, California State University, Sacramento

Brie Lindsey, California Council on Science and Technology

Seth Masket, University of Denver

Julianne McCall, Governor's Office of Planning and Research

Eric McGhee, Public Policy Institute of California

Kimberley Nadler, California State University, Sacramento

Rebecca Rabovsky, Senate Office of Research

Jennifer Robinson, University of Utah

Gary Segura, University of California, Los Angeles

Jessica Trounstine, University of California, Merced

Renée Van Vechten, University of Redlands