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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Submission Guidelines

Initial Manuscript Submission

At this time, CJPP is not accepting submissions. We hope to re-open submissions in the future once we have completed a re-evaluation of the Journal's future. At this time, please disregard the submission guidelines below.

The on-line submission system will ask you for your name, email and an original password to create an account. Use this account to submit an original manuscript, to check on its status, or to submit any subsequent revisions.

Before you submit your manuscript, you will need the following items:

  • An abstract of 300 words or less
  • Keywords (no more than 10)
  • An original manuscript in Microsoft Word or Rich Text format

Peer Review

Upon receipt, the Managing Editor will review the manuscript for adherence to submission guidelines. Poorly formatted manuscripts will be returned to the submitting author with a request to resubmit, indicating needed revisions.

Manuscripts initially approved will be reviewed anonymously by two or three outside experts. Reviewers are selected by the Managing Editor who will also consider experts suggested by the submitting author.

Reviewers will judge manuscripts based on scientific competence; contribution of original data, ideas, and interpretation; and the degree to which new findings are integrated with existing knowledge. The Reviewers will make recommendations regarding the manuscript's suitability for publication; whether it should be (1) published as is, (2) published with minor modifications, (3) published with major modifications, or (4) rejected.

Authors are expected to revise tentatively approved manuscripts in a timely manner after receiving review comments. If a revision is not received within three months, the submitting author will be asked for a status report. Any manuscript not revised within six months of receiving review comments will be withdrawn from consideration. When uploading a revised manuscript, use the Submit Article link. The system will prompt you to login with your account name and password. Once you have logged in, please follow the instructions for submitting a revision. Please do not forget to delete old manuscripts where requested.

Formatting Requirements

  • General
  • Format the manuscript on an 8.5" x 11" page in portrait orientation with double-spaced text and one-inch margins. Number all pages. Use Times New Roman or Arial font at 12 point text size.
  • Symbols and Equations
  • Use Arabic numerals and the International System of Units (SI) expressed with negative exponent notation (e.g., 25 mg C m-2 d -1). Refer to this NIST online guide for use of SI units. When necessary, provide English or conventional units in parentheses (ft 3 sec -1 or million acre-ft yr -1) after SI units to follow local usage and enhance reader comprehension. Use the Symbol font for variables and glyphs in equations.
  • Tables
  • Structure the table with clearly defined column headings, row headings, and body cells. Avoid lengthy titles and footnotes. Refer to footnotes with superscript, lowercase letters.
  • Style
  • If you have questions, please refer to The Chicago Manual of Style