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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Rights and Permissions

Persistence of Content—Access to all materials published by GAIA will be maintained in perpetuity by the California Digital Library. Additions and errata to works in GAIA may be posted at a later date but no articles or book chapters may be removed. Working papers may be replaced by later revised versions. But unless the author asks that the initial version be removed from view, earlier versions will remain in the collection with a note that a revised version is now available and a link to the revised version. If the earlier version is removed from view, a citation will remain.

If a working paper or volume chapter is published as part of a peer-reviewed GAIA volume, the author may request that the original version be removed from view on the working paper site, but a citation will remain. Working paper authors may designate their paper as a work in progress and request that it not be cited.

Copyright—International and Area Studies, University of California, Berkeley, and the University of California Press may request the transfer of some rights to enable publication, but individual authors may request to retain the copyright to their work. Authors are free to publish electronic versions of their work elsewhere, but once a work has been published by GAIA it remains a permanent part of the collection.

Citations—GAIA authors are expected to follow accepted academic standards in giving proper credit to all other persons who contributed to their work in some way, either through previous publication or private communication. Authors who use material published by GAIA are expected to adhere to the same standards. GAIA authors must obtain permission to use any copyrighted material and give appropriate credit.