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Policies for Submissions

Overview of the Process

Author Review for New Papers:

After you submit your paper, we will post it and then send you a message asking you to look over and approve the PDF version. Please reply within 5 days. At this stage, we're unable to make any changes beyond the truly necessary. We will also be asking you to sign an author agreement giving the Repository non-exclusive rights to post the paper and to keep a citation of it in perpetuity.

Migration of Older Papers to the Repository (Courtesy Author Review):

We will notify authors of papers previously listed (through 01-01-2002) on the various IBER-produced publication sites as these papers are posted to the new eScholarship Repository. This is a courtesy notice that provides you with an opportunity to look over the text, to send an updated citation/URL for the most recent version, and to note the new location. You will be notified by e-mail when the paper is posted.

How to Revise Your Paper

If you publish this paper or a revised version elsewhere, for example in a journal, please send the citation of the new version to We will be able to inform Repository users about the new version.

If you would like to post a revised version of your paper on the site, please contact:
IBER Editor
(510) 642-1923