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Heterostructured materials: superior properties from hetero-zone interaction

  • Author(s): Zhu, Y
  • Ameyama, K
  • Anderson, PM
  • Beyerlein, IJ
  • Gao, H
  • Kim, HS
  • Lavernia, E
  • Mathaudhu, S
  • Mughrabi, H
  • Ritchie, RO
  • Tsuji, N
  • Zhang, X
  • Wu, X
  • et al.

Heterostructured materials are an emerging class of materials with superior performances that are unattainable by their conventional homogeneous counterparts. They consist of heterogeneous zones with dramatic (>100%) variations in mechanical and/or physical properties. The interaction in these hetero-zones produces a synergistic effect where the integrated property exceeds the prediction by the rule-of-mixtures. The heterostructured materials field explores heterostructures to control defect distributions, long-range internal stresses, and nonlinear inter-zone interactions for unprecedented performances. This paper is aimed to provide perspectives on this novel field, describe the state-of-the-art of heterostructured materials, and identify and discuss key issues that deserve additional studies.

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