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Non-contiguous finished genome sequence of Aminomonas paucivorans type strain (GLU-3).

  • Author(s): Pitluck, Sam
  • Yasawong, Montri
  • Held, Brittany
  • Lapidus, Alla
  • Nolan, Matt
  • Copeland, Alex
  • Lucas, Susan
  • Del Rio, Tijana Glavina
  • Tice, Hope
  • Cheng, Jan-Fang
  • Chertkov, Olga
  • Goodwin, Lynne
  • Tapia, Roxane
  • Han, Cliff
  • Liolios, Konstantinos
  • Ivanova, Natalia
  • Mavromatis, Konstantinos
  • Ovchinnikova, Galina
  • Pati, Amrita
  • Chen, Amy
  • Palaniappan, Krishna
  • Land, Miriam
  • Hauser, Loren
  • Chang, Yun-Juan
  • Jeffries, Cynthia D
  • Pukall, Rüdiger
  • Spring, Stefan
  • Rohde, Manfred
  • Sikorski, Johannes
  • Göker, Markus
  • Woyke, Tanja
  • Bristow, James
  • Eisen, Jonathan A
  • Markowitz, Victor
  • Hugenholtz, Philip
  • Kyrpides, Nikos C
  • Klenk, Hans-Peter
  • et al.

Aminomonas paucivorans Baena et al. 1999 is the type species of the genus Aminomonas, which belongs to the family Synergistaceae. The species is of interest because it is an asaccharolytic chemoorganotrophic bacterium which ferments quite a number of amino acids. This is the first finished genome sequence (with one gap in a rDNA region) of a member of the genus Aminomonas and the third sequence from the family Synergistaceae. The 2,630,120 bp long genome with its 2,433 protein-coding and 61 RNA genes is a part of the GenomicEncyclopedia ofBacteria andArchaea project.

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