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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Porcine Viruses Not Previously Reported in Feral Swine in Florida

  • Author(s): Sayler, Katherine A.
  • Boyce, Carisa L.
  • Hernandez, Felipe
  • Wisely, Samantha M.
  • et al.

Although national surveillance is conducted throughout the United States for multiple pathogens associated with feral swine, many pathogens that persist in wild pigs globally have not been the subject of investigations within the U.S. We surveyed feral swine in Florida for two viruses that are ubiquitous in domestic and wild pigs in Europe: torque teno sus virus type 1 and porcine lymphotropic herpesvirus. We found these viruses to be prevalent in feral swine in Florida. We detected viral DNA in nasal and genital swabs or whole blood collected from animals at multiple locations throughout the state. Our results suggest that not only are animals infected with these viruses, but that they are actively shedding virus and capable of transmitting them at multiple, geographically disparate locations. These viruses have the potential to be pathogenic when an animal is coinfected with other porcine viruses, and these viruses pose a potential threat to other wildlife, livestock, and people.

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