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Advances in Millimeter-wave Phased-Array Systems, RFICs and Cross-Point Switch Matrices

  • Author(s): Wang, Yaochen
  • Advisor(s): Rebeiz, Gabriel
  • et al.
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With the technical revolution on hardware and software of communication system, the fifth generation mobile communication systems (5G) is followed into the spotlight. In the 5G era, the frequency band will be in millimeter-wave region (24-60 GHz) and the available bandwidth can be the unthinkable in the 4G age. As a result, the data rate in the coming future can arrive >100 times higher than what we have currently employed. Its feature on high data rate and lowdelay will bring the significant improvement on the associated industries, such as autonomous vehicle, Internet-of-Tings (IoT)... However, the mm-wave signals also bring the more challenge on the 5G system design of the mobile and base station. It will suffer from the high atmospheric absorption in the communication, which is the dominant limitation on the long-distance communication in 5G. Therefore, it is essential to develop the 5G communication system and mm-wave ICs to overcome the physical limitation of mm-wave. The research projects in this dissertation, in consequence, focus on communication system design and mm-wave ICs for 5G. Also, it shows the advanced high data-rate ICs for IoT, which will be implemented of 5G era.

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