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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Magnetism and transport in transparent high-mobility BaSnO3 films doped with La, Pr, Nd, and Gd

  • Author(s): Alaan, US
  • Wong, FJ
  • Ditto, JJ
  • Robertson, AW
  • Lindgren, E
  • Prakash, A
  • Haugstad, G
  • Shafer, P
  • N'Diaye, AT
  • Johnson, D
  • Arenholz, E
  • Jalan, B
  • Browning, ND
  • Suzuki, Y
  • et al.

© 2019 American Physical Society. We have explored the effect of magnetic rare-earth dopants substitutionally incorporated on the Ba sites of BaSnO3 in terms of electronic transport, magnetism, and optical properties. We show that for Ba0.92R0.08SnO3 thin films (where R=La,Pr,Nd,Gd), there is a linear increase of mobility with carrier concentration across all doping schemes. La-doped films have the highest mobilities, followed by Pr- and Nd-doped films. Gd-doped samples have the largest ionic size mismatch with the Ba site and correspondingly the lowest carrier concentrations and electron mobilities. However, crystallinity does not appear to be a strong predictor of transport phenomena; our results suggest that point defects more than grain boundaries are key ingredients in tuning the conduction of BaSnO3 films grown by pulsed laser deposition. Pronounced, nonhysteretic x-ray magnetic dichroism signals are observed for Pr-, Nd-, and Gd-doped samples, indicating paramagnetism. Finally, we probe the optical constants for each of the BaSnO3 doping schemes and note that there is little change in the transmittance across all samples. Together these results shed light on conduction mechanisms in BaSnO3 doped with rare-earth cations.

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