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Measurement of vector boson plus D∗ (2010)+ meson production in p-p collisions at s =1.96 TeV MEASUREMENT of VECTOR BOSON PLUS D∗ (2010)+ ... T. AALTONEN et al.

  • Author(s): Aaltonen, T
  • Amerio, S
  • Amidei, D
  • Anastassov, A
  • Annovi, A
  • Antos, J
  • Apollinari, G
  • Appel, JA
  • Arisawa, T
  • Artikov, A
  • Asaadi, J
  • Ashmanskas, W
  • Auerbach, B
  • Aurisano, A
  • Azfar, F
  • Badgett, W
  • Bae, T
  • Barbaro-Galtieri, A
  • Barnes, VE
  • Barnett, BA
  • Barria, P
  • Bartos, P
  • Bauce, M
  • Bedeschi, F
  • Behari, S
  • Bellettini, G
  • Bellinger, J
  • Benjamin, D
  • Beretvas, A
  • Bhatti, A
  • Bland, KR
  • Blumenfeld, B
  • Bocci, A
  • Bodek, A
  • Bortoletto, D
  • Boudreau, J
  • Boveia, A
  • Brigliadori, L
  • Bromberg, C
  • Brucken, E
  • Budagov, J
  • Budd, HS
  • Burkett, K
  • Busetto, G
  • Bussey, P
  • Butti, P
  • Buzatu, A
  • Calamba, A
  • Camarda, S
  • Campanelli, M
  • Canelli, F
  • Carls, B
  • Carlsmith, D
  • Carosi, R
  • Carrillo, S
  • Casal, B
  • Casarsa, M
  • Castro, A
  • Catastini, P
  • Cauz, D
  • Cavaliere, V
  • Cerri, A
  • Cerrito, L
  • Chen, YC
  • Chertok, M
  • Chiarelli, G
  • Chlachidze, G
  • Cho, K
  • et al.

© 2016 American Physical Society. A measurement of vector boson (V) production in conjunction with a D∗(2010)+ meson is presented. Using a data sample corresponding to 9.7 fb-1 of proton-antiproton collisions at center-of-mass energy s=1.96 TeV produced by the Fermilab Tevatron, we reconstruct V+D∗+ samples with the CDF II detector. The D∗+ is fully reconstructed in the D∗(2010)+→D0(→K-π+)π+ decay mode. This technique is sensitive to the associated production of vector boson plus charm or bottom mesons. We measure the ratio of production cross sections σ(W+D∗)/σ(W)=[1.75±0.13(stat)±0.09(stat)]% and σ(Z+D∗)/σ(Z)=[1.5±0.4(stat)±0.2(stat)]% and perform a differential measurement of dσ(W+D∗)/dpT(D∗). Event properties are utilized to determine the fraction of V+D∗(2010)+ events originating from different production processes. The results are in agreement with the predictions obtained with the pythia program, limiting possible contribution from non-standard-model physics processes.

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