Find your soulmate
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Find your soulmate

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I used the theme 'Soulmate' for my game. Based on the TA feedback, I added a quiz about the soul mate. I added a story to hell if the quiz was wrong, a story to heaven if it was right, and put the ending that the user was curious about. I also received the following feedback from users in the alpha version of the test. - There is no image in the game. - I want you to visually show the animals. - I want to have an image of the animal when the results for the soulmate come out. - I wish there was an ending to Good Place or Bad Place. I have satisfied all of the above in the beta version. My game allows younger children to study animals. In fact, I also looked at a lot of wikis while creating the game and tried to include as many of the features of the animal classifications as possible in the game. The educational use of games is my goal.

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