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The Center for Computational Experience houses UCSC’s five games-related research labs including the Expressive Intelligence Studio – one of the largest technical game research groups in the world. CGPM boasts one of the largest interdisciplinary faculties, drawn from Computer Science, Psychology, Economics, Computer Engineering, Literature, Theater, and Art.

Center for Computational Experience

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Pothead Tales

Pothead Tales tells the story of a student who consistently smokes marijuana. This game uses class concepts like resources, consequences, and link logics. Resources like money and the “highness” of the player are used to make choices in a variety of situations.

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Aurora Catastrophe

A game about figuring out how to rebuild your space empire's fleet after a catastrophically bad engagement with an unknown enemy.

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A College Student's Saturday

A College Student's Saturday is a game that simulates a college student's Saturday life. In this game, the protagonist is a college student, player will make decisions for him about what he is going to do on a Saturday. More imporantly, in order to win, player needs to make sure the protagonist completes his homework on time, so the purpose of this game is to learn how to have a proper balance between work and relax.

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Translations of Love

Players will go on dates with each other to try to find their ideal lover by asking each other questions. Once everyone is done with their dates, they will guess who their ideal lover is by identifying their identity through personalities. If pairs guess correctly, they win.

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Modern Art Simulator 2022

Modern Art Simulator 2022 is an online game where artists work together to draw masterpieces for their critics! Made to be light-hearted, accessible, and easy to understand! Played on Miro with Zoom / Discord. Please refer to the rules and gameplay video on how to play!

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A Unified Approach to Preserving Cultural Software Objects and their Development Histories

This white paper was made possible with the support of a National Endowment for the Humanities Digital Start-Up GrantHD-51719-13.

Dunyazad Git repository

This is a bare clone of the git repository for my dissertation system "Dunyazad," as of March 17th, 2016. The repository was archived as of commit fe359e08001f69aaba869ae08e9342f591402ef5. The full repository potentially including future changes can be found at: The code for creating choices is in the current/ directory, while data-processing code for the experiments can be found in the experiments/ directory. Code listed in the dissertation in Appendix B comes from current/rules/. Experimental data are not included to protect the anonymity of participants; anonymized versions of the data may be made available separately.

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Printing the Polyphorm: Using 3D Printing to Manufacture Biologically Inspired Rhizomatic Structures

We present a pipeline for converting voxelized data generated by the Monte Carlo Physarum Machine (MCPM) based Polyphorm data visualization software into a mesh that can then be 3D printed. This reconstruction technique is based on the Marching Cubes algorithm paired with a suite of pre and post processing tools. Our process can be used to create both biomimetic structures and computational art, and can be tuned to create various visual effects based on the desired stylistic output.