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The Forbidden Treasure

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The Forbidden Treasure is an exciting, unpredictable RPG/ Platformer /Adventure game created exclusively for PCs and Macs that takes place in the year 2050. In this time period, technology has grown so advanced to the point that it has achieved what humanity has been striving for since the beginning of time, the ability to use magic. Adventurers have taken advantage of this new technology to explore places humanity wouldn't have even dreamed of venturing into. After years and years of searching and translating ancient books, adventurers have finally pinpointed the location of what may be the greatest treasure of all time, a treasure so valuable that it is claimed to award its possessor riches beyond their wildest dreams. Many have ventured to the location, hungry for the prestige and riches that obtaining the treasure will bring. However, none have ever been successful. The Forbidden Treasure has a RPG/Platformer/Adventure-style gameplay in which the player has to brave through four different levels in an attempt to achieve their goal of obtaining both the treasure and the prestige that comes along with it while managing to stay alive. The player loses if they die at any point of the game and wins if they manage to obtain the treasure and leave the final stage alive.

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