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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Fermi Surface of Metallic V_{2}O_{3} from Angle-Resolved Photoemission: Mid-level Filling of e_{g}^{π} Bands.

  • Author(s): Lo Vecchio, I;
  • Denlinger, JD;
  • Krupin, O;
  • Kim, BJ;
  • Metcalf, PA;
  • Lupi, S;
  • Allen, JW;
  • Lanzara, A
  • et al.

Using angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy, we report the first band dispersions and distinct features of the bulk Fermi surface (FS) in the paramagnetic metallic phase of the prototypical metal-insulator transition material V_{2}O_{3}. Along the c axis we observe both an electron pocket and a triangular holelike FS topology, showing that both V 3d a_{1g} and e_{g}^{π} states contribute to the FS. These results challenge the existing correlation-enhanced crystal field splitting theoretical explanation for the transition mechanism and pave the way for the solution of this mystery.

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