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Don't Mess with Papa

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Abstract of Don�t Mess with Papa

Anthony Ho and Leo Gomez

When we created Don�t Mess with Papa, we decided we wanted to do a platformer since we both enjoyed the genre

and it always had a heavy presence in our early years of gaming. When we made the game, we realized we had to

bring something unique to the table. We decided to do this by implementing a sense of pressure and urgency for

the player as they went through the game. To do this we implemented a boss that would pursue the player throughout

the levels as they raced to the exit point. Another feature we wanted to do to make this game unique was a sense of

timing which made it so players could only overcome certain obstacles at specific conditions, forcing the player to

think ahead.  We intentionally made the game difficult and frustrating for the later levels in spirit of how difficult

plat formers were for us back in the day.

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