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Protonic Conduction and Photochemical Modification of Protein Reflectin

  • Author(s): Van Dyke, Yegor
  • Advisor(s): Gorodetsky, Alon
  • et al.
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Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Public License

Proton-conducting materials play a central role in many renewable energy and

bioelectronics technologies. Although numerous examples of devices based on proton-conducting

materials exist, very few are based on natural materials. Reflectin, a proton-conducting cephalopod

structural protein, found in Doryteuthis (Loligo) pealeii, has recently shown figures of merit

similar to those reported for state-of-the-art artificial proton conductors and has also been

demonstrated as the active element in a protein-based protonic transistor. Here, we demonstrate

modulation of electrical properties by photochemical modification of reflectin A1 films. In

addition, we report a protocol for production and electrical characterization of reflectin A2


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