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Banded Souls

  • Author(s): Williams, Blake
  • Hoyt, Alexander
  • et al.
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        Banded souls is a two player co-op adventure game. The story is told from the

perspective of the two protagonists Leo and Brean. The story is about a dark wizard who has    taken the souls of the villagers on top of a great mountain in the land of Ourea. The protagonists resist and in doing so their souls become intertwined. They are blasted off the mountain and now must fight their way up to reclaim their home.


                The players will interact with the game using the same keyboard. The players will be

     able to move in different directions, use magic, pause, heal and interact with objects.


       Your characters rely on each other to defend themselves; this includes working together during combat. Players must maintain a minimum distance from each other in order to

attack. Once the players are close enough to attack, a faint aura will emanate from each

character. As you move closer to each other, your auras will grow stronger and damage

multiplier will increase.

Alex Hoyt and Blake Williams

TA: Jennifer Parish

Section: Thurs 6 � 8pm

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