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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Ultralow Voltage Manipulation of Ferromagnetism.

  • Author(s): Prasad, Bhagwati
  • Huang, Yen-Lin
  • Chopdekar, Rajesh V
  • Chen, Zuhuang
  • Steffes, James
  • Das, Sujit
  • Li, Qian
  • Yang, Mengmeng
  • Lin, Chia-Ching
  • Gosavi, Tanay
  • Nikonov, Dmitri E
  • Qiu, Zi Qiang
  • Martin, Lane W
  • Huey, Bryan D
  • Young, Ian
  • Íñiguez, Jorge
  • Manipatruni, Sasikanth
  • Ramesh, Ramamoorthy
  • et al.

Spintronic elements based on spin transfer torque have emerged with potential for on-chip memory, but they suffer from large energy dissipation due to the large current densities required. In contrast, an electric-field-driven magneto-electric storage element can operate with capacitive displacement charge and potentially reach 1-10 µJ cm-2 switching operation. Here, magneto-electric switching of a magnetoresistive element is shown, operating at or below 200 mV, with a pathway to get down to 100 mV. A combination of phase detuning is utilized via isovalent La substitution and thickness scaling in multiferroic BiFeO3 to scale the switching energy density to ≈10 µJ cm-2 . This work provides a template to achieve attojoule-class nonvolatile memories.

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