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Development and Evaluation of Selected Mobility Applications for VII: Concept of Operations


This report describes the concept of operations for the three mobility applications that PATH is developing and evaluating under the sponsorship of the FHWA Exploratory Advanced Research Program. These applications are intended to use DSRC wireless communications among vehicles and between vehicles and the roadway infrastructure to improve mobility on limited-access highways. The first application combines ramp metering with variable speed limits to enhance control of traffic so that traffic flow breakdowns can be deferred or avoided at bottleneck locations. The second application uses vehicle-vehicle communication to improve the performance of adaptive cruise control systems so that they can operate safely with smaller longitudinal gaps and vehicle-roadside communication to provide adjustments to their set speed and gap settings to adapt to changes in local traffic conditions. The third application uses vehicle-vehicle communication to enable three tractor-trailer trucks to drive in a coordinated platoon at short enough gaps that they can substantially reduce their aerodynamic drag and increase the effective capacity of their lane.

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