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A thermophilic enzymatic cocktail for galactomannans degradation


The full utilization of hemicellulose sugars (pentose and exose) present in lignocellulosic material, is required for an efficient bio-based fuels and chemicals production. Two recombinant thermophilic enzymes, an endo-1,4-β-mannanase from Dictyoglomus turgidum (DturCelB) and an α-galactosidase from Thermus thermophilus (TtGalA), were assayed at 80 °C, to assess their heterosynergystic association on galactomannans degradation, particularly abundant in hemicellulose. The enzymes were tested under various combinations simultaneously and sequentially, in order to estimate the optimal conditions for the release of reducing sugars. The results showed that the most efficient degree of synergy was obtained in simultaneous assay with a protein ratio of 25% of DturCelB and 75% of TtGalA, using Locust bean gum as substrate. On the other hand, the mechanism of action was demonstrated through the sequential assays, i.e. when TtGalA acting as first to enhance the subsequent hydrolysis performed by DturCelB. The synergistic association between the thermophilic enzymes herein described has an high potential application to pre-hydrolyse the lignocellulosic biomasses right after the pretreatment, prior to the conventional saccharification step.

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